The Top 10 Energy-Saving Tips You’ll Need This Summer

The Aussie summer is right around the corner, and while we’re always keen to ditch the blankets for beach towels, sometimes the heat can get a little too much. And that means the air con’s dust is blown off and put straight into full-swing, among every other fan across the household. By the end of the day, the energy costs for our home has already sky-rocketed. But there’s still a whole summer to suffer through.

In this post, we’re running through the top 10 tips from our experts to help you cut down on unexpected bill shock this Aussie summer.

Top tips for saving money on your energy bills

Almost year on year, Australia’s heat tends to rise over the higher-than-average, bringing very little rain and often periods of no relief from the warmth at all. Here are a few ways you can ensure you don’t go overboard when the sun’s rays start to get a bit too much.

  1. Ensure you’ve tuned up your air-con: Like all appliances, air conditioning units need maintenance at least once a year. This makes sure the system is completely cleaned out and fluid levels are topped up. It’ll also prevent the likelihood of a breakdown right in the middle of a heatwave (not ideal).
  2. Insulate and seal your home as much as possible: Close windows you don’t need open, keep all other doors closed – these aspects go without saying. But beyond this, keeping the cool air in also means inspecting areas of your home for air leaks, or where insulation isn’t great (particularly in the attic). If you’re not sure how to start with this part of the process, have energy expert assess the weak spots in your home, using special technology.
  3. Clear out your vents: At all times, your vents should remain clean and clear. The air-con won’t do its job if it is all clogged up or blocked by other objects.
  4. Use pedestal/ceiling fans: They may not seem like they do a lot but they can actually provide that little bit of extra comfort when you need them most. Just make sure you turn them off in empty rooms.
  5. Get a smart thermostat: Technology is great, and when it comes to smart home technology, an advanced thermostat is a must-have. It can be controlled anywhere with the touch of your smartphone. Warm your house up or turn it down, all when you’re not around to turn your systems on. These systems even learn your behaviours so that it can help you save money on your energy bills by anticipating what temperature you want your home at.
  6. Ditch the oven: If you can help it, turn to your microwave instead of the oven, when it comes to cooking. These appliances significantly heat up the space, so help the old air-con out by giving the oven a break.
  7. Avoid unnecessary use of appliance: It’s highly unlikely you’ll really need to use the dryer when it’s summer. Despite the convenience, these appliances are one of the leading causes of energy costs, so ditch them for the natural air outside.

What are your top energy-saving tips for this summer?

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