We are proud to be one of the longest standing, and growing electrical contractor companies in Melbourne, Australia.

For more than 100 years our core values have remained strong, and still define our superior level of Electrical and Communications services to this day.

EFFICIENCY – We respond to customer needs swiftly and with the aim to achieve a well-thought out solution.

KNOWLEDGE – Through industry education and training, our technicians are always in tune with the most relevant knowledge to benefit our clients.

SAFETY– In keeping with our certification achievements, we implement the highest level of safe practice.

EXCELLENCE – Quality is our hallmark. We take great and pride in our workmanship and strive to provide the best outcomes for clients.

Our History

Abel Francis Greenwood serviced the city of Melbourne specialising in electrical engineering and mechanics.
In accordance with the Business Names Act of 1928 Greenwood Electrical Engineering began to cover a breadth of new services.
In the early 1980’s Greenwood Electrical become a propriety company as they continued to grow all arms of their business.
Since 2001 Greenwood Electrical Group has continued to hold the core values of it’s brand and make sure that every customer is satisfied. We look forward to the next 100 years!
Certificate of registration Greenwood Electrical in 1927
Certificate of registration for Greenwood Electrical in 1927


Greenwood Electrical and Mechanical Engineer certificate for June17th 1931
Greenwood Electrical's Mechanical Engineer certificate for June 17th 1931 along with a Greenwood business card from 1931.