Saving Your Power Bills

LED lights are all the rage at the moment. There’s no doubt that saving on power bills through LED Lights are the way forward at this point in time. You can save money from the bulbs themselves to your overall power bills but also on the install depending on you get to install them. The question is who should you get to instal the LED’s into your house, factory or warehouse? We thought at Greenwood Electrical we would make it a little easier for you to make that decision. Here’s a couple of tips you should consider when deciding which electrician to install your brand new LED lights.

Are they certified?
All electricians in Victoria need to be licensed electricians to install this so don’t be afraid to ask for their ID number before taking on the job.

Have they been around for long?
Ensuring the business you are dealing with have been operational for a while will give you some idea of their workmanship and expertise in the industry

Will they help you with advice?

Electricians are after all in a service based industry, ask them how this will help you and what the best option is.

Here at Greenwood Electrical we are happy to help no matter what the size of the client.

Give us a call today and see why we have over 100 years industry experience!

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