By regulating the speed of your industrial equipment’s motors the various automated tasks within your industry can be achieved precisely and professionally. Greenwood’s are experts at wiring new V.S.D’s.
PLC’s are integral for successful results within many industries. Our electricians are experienced at installing and wiring PLC’s customised to your particular requirements.
We know that safety cannot be compromised in large industrial businesses. Installing automated safety module relays is part of our recommended industrial set up for new and existing companies.
Part of the safety standards throughout many industries is to have E Stops in place on electronic equipment. We can efficiently wire Emergency Stops where required.
In large industrial operations, having reliable Fault finding control logic on machinery is critical for smooth running and safety of the equipment. Allow Greenwood’s to set this automation up professionally for optimal results.
Our decades of experience taking care of the electric automation for Melbourne Industrial environments has equipped our electricians with superior knowledge and expertise. For assistance with the design of your machinery and motor logic control, a consultation with our electricians is highly advantageous.
When it comes to setting up stop / start control for machinery, our electricians can provide perfect outcomes. Soft starters for machinery and star / delta wiring for machinery can be efficiently set up by our trained electricians to suit your purpose.
Servicing 3 Phase Motors is a specialty task which our electricians are well trained in. It is important to use competent electrical contractors when repairing or re-wiring 3 phase motors.