We can professionally install single or multiple new power points in your office or residence according to your needs.
Need to replace or install new lights in your home or office? We are equipped to handle your light fitting needs.
We are well trained in checking, replacing and installing smoke alarms according to Victorian compliance standards.
We can safely eliminate the risks posed by old and faulty wires by effectively upgrading the wiring in your home. Our professional house re-wires will be a worthwhile investment as your electricity will run more efficiently and provide a better output for your enjoyment.
Our team is experienced at domestic three phase upgrades in Melbourne. If you home appliances or solar power system requires a three phase upgrade, our service will ensure your home is correctly equipped.
Ceiling fans are quick and easy to install when you use professional electricians. At Greenwoods, we guarantee perfect ceiling fans installation for your ongoing comfort and enjoyment.
Often, electrical faults occur and cause major inconvenience for residents. Our trained professionals are experts at fault finding and identification, and will provide on the spot advice and solutions to ensure a safe home.
Greenwoods are experienced at converting Melbourne sheds and outdoor rooms into operational work areas. Whether your shed needs some new lighting or power points installed, or you have power supply needs for your workshop, our technicians can bring your shed to life.
In order to install an air-conditioning unit properly, many factors need to be taken into account. If you live in an apartment, our technicians can ensure a safe and compliant installation of your new air-conditioner and for houses, our experts can offer neat and effective installation services.
We understand that failure of electrical hot water systems can cause major inconvenience. Our reliable and swift hot water repair service throughout Melbourne guarantees to restore your hot water as quickly as possible.
Greenwood’s are qualified to install C-Bus Systems to residences of all sizes in Melbourne. If you are looking to achieve an environment of comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency our electricians can confidently help you achieve this with the installation of C-Bus.
Known as home automation or smart home control, Push Installations are fast becoming a modern luxury in homes throughout Melbourne. At Greenwood’s we provide the highest level of knowledge and expertise when it comes to fitting homes with automation of this kind.
The ability to dim your lights in various rooms throughout your home is a valuable enhancement. Not only can dimming improve your home’s energy efficiency, it also adds to the level of enjoyment you can experience from your living space. We can help to upgrade your lighting system to include dimming functionality.
Whether you require a safety report for property valuation, property sale or for your own records, our trained electricians are professionals at providing comprehensive safety reports for Melbourne apartments, apartment buildings and houses. More than this, our team can offer expert advice regarding electrical improvements which would suit your residence.
We have decades of experience carrying out electrical repairs for insurance cases. Our aim is to get your property back to its optimal state and give you peace of mind after unforeseen damages have taken place.
No job is too small for our electricians, especially when it comes to real estate maintenance. We have ongoing, respectful relationships with many Melbourne Real Estate agencies who trust us to deliver timely and effective electrical solutions for their clients.
It is essential to employ a qualified and experienced electrician when you are undertaking your home renovation. A lot of time and energy goes into orchestrating a quality renovation, so it is best to use a certified electrician like the technicians at Greenwood’s. Our involvement in your renovation project can begin at the early stage to ensure that plans are up to scratch so as to avoid any time wasting down the track.
Seeking professional advice and input during the design phase of any project will benefit you during the course of your fit out, renovation or build. Our experienced electrical consultants can provide the most professional and innovative advice during the design phase, to ensure that your project includes the best electrical solutions and products possible.

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