We will carry out all mandatory testing and tagging in your Melbourne business in accordance with strict regulations. Our system will notify you when your next test and tag is due for added convenience.
It is essential to have portable appliances properly tested to prevent any unexpected electrical faults, costly damages to your commercial environment or injury to staff.
With a sharp eye for visual defects, our experienced electricians will provide the best visual and defect testing for your workplace. A professional visual defect test can save lives and commercial assets.

Testing and Tagging Solutions Melbourne

All portable electrical equipment in any business setting must be regularly assessed to ensure it will not fail in the future, which could cause inconvenience or far worse consequences.

This process includes an electrical test and tag procedure that must be completed by certified professionals who know the telltale signs of degradation. This means they’re able to effectively identify if they’re likely to malfunction.

How electrical test and tag processes can help you

Equipment failure can have small impacts on your business – like a broken down kettle or toaster in the staff lunchroom. But other appliances can cause costly downtime when they fail and can also be very expensive to repair or replace – especially if you have to wait on parts.

Regularly assessing your equipment makes maintenance more efficient, can detect these malfunctions and failures before they happen and allow you to minimise any downtime by making repairs before they become an issue.

It’s also a vital part of HSE and OHS requirements for all business sizes across all industries.

Not just for existing electrical equipment

It can be a common misconception that this practise is only required for appliances that have already been used or has been purchased second- hand. But it is mandatory for all new products in any industry to be assessed before operation, in order to ensure that it is safe to operate.

Just because an item is brand new, does not mean it cannot fail or be a safety hazard.

How do I go about test and tag services near me?

For normal office environments where damage and overuse of electrical appliances are not likely to occur, the requirement for this is once every five years. Of course, it is advised to conduct it more regularly than that to ensure optimal safety for your workers. It also prevents costly malfunctions that can lead to downtime, injuries, fires or worse.

In industries where portable items are more likely to be physically damaged, there are different guidelines including:

  • Construction, demolition and building: The portable goods in these industries will have to work very hard, long hours and be suspect to a range of elements that can cause them to degrade and become damaged. For this reason, we recommend opting for test and tag solutions every three months.
  • Warehouses, factories and manufacturing operations: These operations tend to have a lot of items and high headcounts when it comes to staff as well. To ensure they are all kept safe, it is recommended that you conduct assessments every six months.
  • Any work environment that has hostile elements: This obviously includes industries where the portable appliances could be subject to physical abuse in the line of duty. But hostile can also mean excess dust, moisture and any other element that can lead to corrosion or degradation of goods. In these environments, you should test at least once a year.

If you’re unsure of where to start, we recommend getting in touch with the team at Greenwood Electrical now. We provide these services across Melbourne – including Coburg, Brunswick, Coburg, Fitzroy, Reservoir, Preston and surrounds.