Commercial Security System Experts Melbourne

Security is crucial for all business operations, allowing you to protect your people, property and assets.

Most commercial properties do not operate around the clock, which means you need technology to monitor the space when you are not present. This lets you prevent opportunistic thieves or vandals from striking.

Greenwood Electrical has access to the latest innovations in the field, designed to be at price points that are affordable for clients across Melbourne’s northern suburbs. All of our installation work comes fully guaranteed, you can be assured of the best products on the market – be it commercial alarm systems or another solution.

Alarm systems for commercial and industrial premises

Alarm solutions have come a long way with plenty of technological advances and innovations now available on the market.

One of the big innovations is the way that these products detect intrusion. For decades, the typical feature was motion detection and other sensors that used ‘trip’ activation.

Traditionally, these motion detectors would cover entry points like doors and windows as well as areas inside of the premises. While these motion sensors remain an extremely effective method of securing your commercial property, new technology can make them safer than ever.

Electromagnetic technology is being used in place of traditional infrared that detects intrusion using radar. This means greater coverage, more accurate and reliable motion detection and reduction in false commercial alarm systems. Technology can now recognise things like small animals and wind and recognise that they are not a threat.

Other modern innovations across business security systems include digital keypads that can accommodate multiple users; backup power supplies to ensure your product works if the power is out (or cut); and alerts that can be sent directly to authorities.

Smart CCTV solutions that offer a range of benefits

The modern setup offers so many more features than in previous decades – or even recent years.

Gone are the days of grainy footage where it was extremely difficult to identify offenders. Modern cameras have HD capabilities and night-vision modes that can clearly identify anyone trying to break in or damage your property.

These solutions are much more affordable than in previous years as well, with complete systems available at prices that most small businesses can afford. The footage can also be backed up to long-range hard drives around the clock and used to assist police in locating and prosecuting offenders.

Insurance policies also favour being careful. Often you can get incentives like reductions and premiums that quickly cover the installation cost of securing your property.

Greenwood Electrical has an expert team of electricians who are fully licensed, accredited and trained for security installations and can advise on the best possible solution for your commercial premises and budget.

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