Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is an essential aspect of commercial workplaces. Our electricians can advise, supply and install customised HVAC Solutions for your Melbourne business according to your budget. We use quality products and offer ongoing service and maintenance.
In order to lower operating costs of Cooling Units, Chiller wiring upgrades are occurring more frequently in Melbourne businesses. Speak to one of our service staff to discuss a chiller wiring upgrade for your business.
The installation of a DDC (Direct Digital Controller) by a certified electrical contractor is essential to ensure efficient and optimal functionality of the hardware during operation. Greenwood’s electricians are trained in the installation of commercial DDC’s.
Battery Management Systems are important in maintaining safe and optimised operation of internal battery and communication between devices. Expert wiring of these systems is important.
Greenwood’s electricians can supply quality mechanical switch boards to suit the requirements of your Melbourne business. Decades of experience working together with businesses across all industries means that our knowledge of mechanical services switch boards is exceptional.
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) are used often in Melbourne Commercial environments. We can assist with supply and installation of PLC’s for your business.

Melbourne’s Top HVAC Company for DDC/HVAC Installation

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are not only essential to create proper comfort in business environments but also to maintain proper indoor air quality. That means HVAC solutions are vital for office environments and commercial settings as well as industrial and warehouse settings where air quality and ventilation is essential.

There are many different systems available on the market and Greenwood Electrical can work with your business and your budget to find the best option for you. Our HVAC contractors provide full installation, servicing, maintenance and repair services for solutions of all sizes including the latest technologies and innovations in automation.

This includes DDC (Direct Digital Controller) installations which are dedicated central computers that can control all of your HVAC operations. Much of this process is automated as well, with smart operations that analyse data and adjust climate and air purity levels to suit.

Through the use of sensors, the DDC system can analyse trends in your operations and deliver huge efficiencies when it comes to power use.

Commercial air conditioning installation services in Melbourne

Greenwood Electrical also offers a range of other commercial HVAC installation services and repairs to help businesses across Melbourne achieve greater efficiencies including:

Wiring upgrades

The wiring is an essential part of your commercial HVAC installation and more and more businesses are turning towards specialist chiller wiring upgrades.

This will improve efficiencies, reduce degradation and enhance your cooling operations in any commercial or industrial setting.

Battery Management Systems

HVAC systems can make up over half of the total buildings energy consumption, which means they can be a huge expense for most organisations. A Battery Management System can help offset that cost greatly by backing up solar power harvested from panels on the exterior of your business.

These BMS systems require intricate wiring into your HVAC system to ensure they are communicating correctly together and you are getting the greatest power efficiencies for your operations.

Greenwood Electrical has the experience and the industry-leading wiring and components to help you improve your business’s bottom line.

Mechanical Services Switchboard

Your mechanical switchboards are the beating heart of your operations, centralising all system controls and making it easy to use and manage your heating and cooling performance.

Greenwood Electrical can update your existing HVAC systems to the latest mechanical switchboard innovations on the market to simplify the management of your workplace air quality and environmental comfort, balanced with affordable and efficient operations.

We are also available for all replacements, repairs, inspections and services on your existing mechanical switchboards to ensure they don’t fail you at the worst possible times.

Programmable Logic Controllers

These are used to control the automation in many units through a series of sensors that can record temperature, humidity and other metrics.

They are very similar to DDC controllers but tend to be larger in size. Greenwood Electrical can help you with all PLC and DDC installations and give you the best advice on which option is best suited to your needs.

Contact us on (03) 9460 7077 to find out more. We provide our services to suburbs all across Melbourne’s north.