Greenwood’s holds an integrator certificate for TE Connectivity Products including Krone. Our specialised electricians can offer advice for your businesses tailored data needs.
As professional phone technicians licensed through ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority) our staff can provide expert telephone solutions for your business. Whether you require a new integrated phone system or an upgrade of existing telephones, Greenwood’s will tailor the best solution.
When the NBN becomes available in your business precinct, our electricians can get you connected by professionally installing fibre optic cabling. Having linked 100’s of Melbourne businesses to the NBN, our electricians guarantee hassle free and expert fibre installation or termination if required.
Greenwoods electricians can seamlessly install a data / communication network solution to suit your commercial needs.
Depending on your commercial requirements, Greenwood’s experienced electricians can fit Cat 6 and Cat 6A Data Points to ensure smooth running of your Data system.
Some commercial environments benefit dramatically from W.A.P’s and our staff can expertly arrange W.A.P’s according to your needs.

NBN and Data Cabling for Melbourne

This is a critical cornerstone of every business’s operations and having smooth and seamless communication transfers are essential.

We provide the full range of services from fresh installations for new businesses, to upscaling and new premise installations and all levels of service and maintenance. Let us help you prevent costly failures and downtime to your workplace.

A recognised NBN electrician for Melbourne surrounds

Greenwood Electrical is fully licensed and approved through the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) which ensures all legislative and regulatory standards and obligations are met.

We are trained and experienced with all industry standards to ensure complete compliance which also translates to meticulous, detailed work on all telecommunications and data equipment. You will always get installations, repairs and maintenance that adheres to the latest standards from our team that is across all of the latest technologies and innovations.

Connect to the NBN for the fastest possible speeds

Depending on what area of Melbourne your business is operated in, our team can provide you with phone line installation and NBN cabling, depending on your needs.

Private fibre-to-the-node connections can be established for organisations that rely on heavy bandwidth, speed and reliability – a true investment in your future. This process will be completely seamless so your operations will not be disrupted and you will notice the difference immediately.

A data cabler to manage your network installations

Installing the right network solutions for business is an involved process that requires plenty of attention to detail and communication to set up correctly.

Every business has its own needs and requirements when it comes to networking and communication.All of our planning begins with a thorough consultation with you to determine those needs.

Some of the variables that we will discuss include:

  • Your usage requirements
  • Safety considerations, requirements and potential intrusion points by cybercriminals
  • Hardware requirements (onsite or cloud solutions)
  • Future planning
  • Network management (in-house or externally managed).

Greenwood Electrical can then provide you with any necessary phone line installation services or NBN cable installation. These are designed specifically for your operations both now and in the future.

This will be done using the highest standards of technology within your budget for cost-efficiencies while not sacrificing the quality of service which can be a detriment to your operations.

The highest standards of technology, wiring and access points

Greenwood Electrical offers some of the most advanced data cabling and communications technologies on the market today.

This includes:

  • Cat 6 and Cat 6A Data Points: High-speed data cabling and data points to ensure the rapid transport of high volumes of data.
  • Wireless access points: Create your own WLAN’s in your building to connect a wide array of wireless devices.
  • TE Connectivity products: We stock and supply connectivity and sensor products from this industry-leading company that manufactures products specifically designed to be durable in work environments where there could be harsh environments.

For more information on the NBN cabling solutions and installation services we provide, contact us on (03) 9460 7077 now.