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While the cost of greener structure is a little higher than your normal budget, about 5-10%. By using the correct green building contractor, you can expect an efficient.
By using the correct green building contractor, you can expect an efficient home that is durable, healthier to live in and needs less. While the cost of greener structure is a little higher.




Emergency Lighting Testing in Melbourne

These forms of lighting are extremely important when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of your workforce. Specifically, solutions like this are designed to remain active when you lose power, which can happen for a variety of urgent reasons, including fire.

It is vital that workers have clear direction on their nearest exit point and these products need to be installed correctly to ensure they will remain active in an emergency. They also need to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure they are not going to fail when you need them most.

The types of emergency and exit lighting

There are two primary forms used for emergency and exit lighting throughout Melbourne – both maintained and non-maintained.

These titles have no bearing on the actual servicing and maintenance of the products, but rather their function. Maintained solutions will run at all times under normal power supply, but will also run off backup power and run as a much-needed solution in the event of a power failure. Non-maintained designs will only activate when the main power supply is cut.

Both types need to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure they will operate correctly in an urgent situation.

The new requirements you need to know

Standards Australia implemented changes to the AS/NZS 2293 Emergency Lighting for Buildings requirements that came into effect in 2016 that every commercial and industrial organisation needs to be aware of.

One of the changes in the Standard included the mandatory installation of a new test switch every time the system is changed by a licenced electrician to one that is different in any kind of way.

So any product that is not exactly the same type, in the exact same location or of the same wattage as the original one, means the test switch needs to be replaced as well.

Amendments include:

  • Exit signs (defined as evacuation and emergency escape indicators, illuminated exit signs, high-risk task area and standby lighting.
  • High-risk task area indicators.
  • Light source(s).
  • Remote self-contained luminaires or exit signage.
  • Stand-by lighting.

These changes came after these became a national standard in 2012 after their introduction in the 1990s.

Specialised materials

Under the national Standard, there are strict guidelines as to what can be used for these solutions. For example, all materials must comply with Part 3 of the Standard which means they have been properly tested.

That includes thermal, photometric, colour, luminance and format testing to ensure complete compliance.

These products should only be purchased and installed through a certified electrician and should always come with this Standard compliance.

Greenwood Electrical is fully licenced and certified and only installs equipment that meets this level.