Greenwood’s electricians are equipped to provide advice, products, installation and maintenance of office or business automated control systems (CBUS Systems). There are many benefits in installing a CBUS control system in your business.
Quality dimming control of your commercial lighting can have dramatic cost saving impact on your energy bills. We can install a DYNALITE dimming system professionally in your workplace.
Smart motion or movement sensor light operation can be a worthwhile energy efficient addition to your business. Our staff can provide movement sensor lighting solutions to suit your Melbourne business needs.
When considering light automation for your Melbourne business, it is important to use a certified and knowledgeable electrical contractor, like a Greenwood’s electrician.
During the design phase of your commercial project, our electricians can consult and advise on CBUS and efficient light control options in order that the installation stage runs smoothly.
Advances in modern technology allow for wireless / remote light control. Our electricians can provide information and discuss wireless light control as an option for your business.